Employment Act

The Employment Act was originally created in 1996 however as the years progressed so did the Act. therefore it was reformed in and became
The Employment Act 2002. The Act sets out a number of rights in the workplace to modify previous Employment Acts.

Employees are entitled to receive a written statement of their job description, the terms include-

  • The nameas of the employer and employee
  • Date the employment began
  • Pay, hours, holiday ect entitlements
  • Work place mobility clauses (circumstances in which workers may be required to change their location and or do different work)
  • Job title and description of duties Notice entitlement for bothe parties
  • Disciplinary and grievance procedures (there are rules for handling employee grievance)
  • They are also entitled to mininmum wage
Also the employees have to make sure that they are not braking any of the Human Rights Acts.

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